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Trishul Phenyl White

1 Ltr

Trishul Phenyl that comes in a capacity of 1 L is a great way to keep your floors clean. It leaves a pleasant fragrance and repels mosquitoes, insects and cockroaches. This white-coloured phenyl is perfumed and formulated for your home, office, hotel and hospital floors to shine like a mirror.

Rs. 48.51 Rs. 49.00

Colin Cleaner - Glass and Household (Lemon Fragrance)

500 ml

Colin Glass Cleaner is a powerful cleaner which removes all unnecessary particles from glass and other surfaces. This shine booster gives surfaces an unmatched shine. Colin Cleaner - Glass and Household (Lemon Fragrance) contains anti-dust additives which keep glass and other surfaces free from grime accumulation. All this with a fresh lemony fragrance.

Rs. 74.25 Rs. 75.00

Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner - Lavender

500 ml

Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner is a perfect tool for a clean and fragrant house and office. This floor cleaner kills 99.9% germs and removes tough stains. It leaves long lasting lavender fragrance and is totally safe for all floor types, kitchen slab, sink, toilet etc. It takes just one capful of Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner in half a bucket of water (4 Litres) to give sparkling floor.

Rs. 73.26 Rs. 74.00

Domex 2-In-1 Phenolic Cleaner

500 ml

Domex 2 in 1 Phenolic cleans all the germs and is best for a hygienic home. Disinfects, deodorizes and cleans surfaces effectively. Domex also gives a mild floral fragrance. It also removes stains easily as well.

Rs. 69.3 Rs. 70.00

Harpic Toilet Cleaner - Power Plus (Original)

1 Ltr

Harpic Power Plus Original takes you to the tour of best toilet cleaning in just the blink of your eyes. It is loaded with triple action of destroying 100% germs, whitening your toilet and removing stains. Its thick bleach gel holds on to the sides of your toilet bowl, thus ensures deep cleaning. The elimination of bad odour with the replacement of good aroma is its additional advantage!

Rs. 131.67 Rs. 133.00

Patanjali Shuddhi Floor Cleaner

1 Ltr

Patanjali is the most trusted and popular brand across the country and it is making it'spresence in the world due to its purity. Patanjali Shuddhi Floor Cleaner is a wonderful floor cleaner made from Cow Urine and herbs. It is one of the best quality surface cleaners used for cleaning floors. So, get this Patanjali Shuddhi Floor Cleaner 1 L bottle easily from PMM

Rs. 47.52 Rs. 48.00

Domex Floor Cleaner

500 ml

New Domex Floor Cleaner is proven to kill about 99% of germs in less than a minute. From tough stains to bacterial growth, it cleans it all with just a few strokes. It also has a strong disinfectant, leaving no scope for germ build up. It also leaves behind a pleasing fragrance.

Rs. 69.3 Rs. 70.00

Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner - Floral

500 ml

Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner - Floral contains a refreshing and flowery scent. It is one of the best quality surface cleaners, used for cleaning floors, toilets and household amenities. This tested and proven surface cleaner tend to remove the toughest stains in a very easy manner.

Rs. 73.26 Rs. 74.00

Scotch Brite Thick Scrub Pad

1 Pc

The Scotch-Brite Thick Scrub Pad is crafted to clean all your everyday dishes, ranging from the one you use to boil to the one used for frying. The advanced technology used in its making, provides ultimate cleaning with no hint of grease or dirt. This scrubbing pad features heavy duty pad, which helps in the scouring of incrusted food residues and gives better grip. Also, it is flexible, non-rusting and has open structure, making it easy to rinse.

Rs. 27.44 Rs. 28.00

Dettol Lime Splash Dishwash Liquid

200 ml

Never leave your kitchen slabs and utensils dirty and use Dettol Lime Splash Dishwash Liquid. This dishwash liquid effectively cuts through nasty kitchen grease and dried-on food. It is a dermatologically tested dishwashing liquid that effectively cleans oil and removes germs from your utensils.

Rs. 51.48 Rs. 52.00

Vim Dishwash Liquid - Double Power Gel

225 ml

Vim Dishwash Powder - Double Power uses the power of lemons to provide unbeatable degreasing. It is a highly effective and swift dishwash product which is excellent for washing oil covered vessels and other tough grime. This dishwash powder has pleasant lime fragrance and leaves your dishes sparkling clean. Using this bar soap, you can clean all types of steel utensils, crockery, cutlery, crystal ware and silver utensils.

Rs. 61.38 Rs. 62.00

Vim Dishwash Powder - Extra Lime Power

1 Kg

Vim Dishwash Powder works on a unique formula made of natural ingredients like vinegar, lime and green tea. Not only stains and dirt, Vim Powder works effectively on greased vessels and lubricants. With its long lasting effect and strong foaming ability, just a handful is enough for one time wash.

Rs. 31.68 Rs. 32.00

Exo Dish Shine - Bar

300 gm

Exo Dish Bar removes dirt and oil from the utensils. It contains a lot of anti-microbial agents that makes your utensils free from dirt and microbes. Its hyper-cleaning technology speedily removes the toughest of stains and makes your vessels shine like never before. This dish washing bar does not leave traces on the vessel and hence it can be simply washed.

Rs. 23.76 Rs. 24.00

Pril Bar

400 gm

Pril offers you one of the strongest Dishwash Bars, which is known for dissolving high grease-power with the quick dry formula. With its advanced German Active + Molecules, Pril provides you holistic protection and leaves your utensils clean and fresh. Pril Bar has active molecules, is gentle towards the skin, is non-messy and doesn'tleave any residue.

Rs. 29.7 Rs. 30.00

Vim Bar

140 gm

Clean sparkling utensils in the kitchen with just one wash is the dream of every lady. This pack of Vim Bar can make such tasks easy. It is loaded with the power of 100 lemons, which helps in removing the toughest of stains easily. It also contains patented plastic coating at the bottom of the bar, which further prevents it from sogging. So, go ahead and try this powerful pack!

Rs. 9.7 Rs. 10.00

Patanjali Dish Wash Bar

175 gm

Lemon combined with wood ash naturally acts as a superior cleansing and disinfecting agent

Rs. 10.78 Rs. 11.00